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  • Chapter 1: The game changing elements

    – that most companies and sales people completely oversee! In the following pages you´ll be discovering why most people and companies don´t even hit half…

  • Chapter 2: A little brain science - Listen to this!

    No matter what kind of situation you engage in, you are controlled by these two motivational factors. Some people are motivated by receiving an…

  • Chapter 3: How do We Aquire Creativity?

    et´s take a look at the parts of the brain that are utilized in a creative environment, like for instance a fight, which is highly creative. Which parts are lit up on fMRI-Scans?

  • Chapter 4: Ignite the fire within

    Before you walk in the door where your prospect sits, start your engines. The engines that produce exitement, belief, positivity, enthusiasm, ultrasharp focus and…

  • Chapter 5: Create a winning state

    Martial arts comes with another great element, which by itself changes everything. It changes your beliefs of what´s possible, your limits and past boundaries…

  • Chapter 6: Visualize the end outcome

    – as the most natural thing that can accour. Imposing a state of accept of the desired scenario as the most natural thing that could ever occur.

  • Chapter 7: Control your fire

    Have you ever lost a sale, because you got too nervous towards the closing? Did you suddenly do something completely illogical and counterproductive…

  • Chapter 8: Be physically and mentally fit

    If you´re not already physically fit, your body won´t be able to deal rationally with the raised adrenaline and heart rate – once you get closer to…

  • Chapter 9: Connect with the prospect mentally

    – and send him the outcome. What you´re thinking while you speak, will somehow be transffered into his conciousness in pictures, and let him feel and see what you…

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