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Christie Rosenberg Christie Rosenberg, Entrepreneur & Inventor - Stilleties, Denmark

”Finally a great, evidence based sales tool, that doesn´t only focus on sales, but also embrases the physical and mental capacity of the sales person. An ”All-Inclusive” concept, which doesn´t only create better sales results, but also increases the participants physical ability as well as mental strength and balance.

Di Johansson opens a world, where nothing is left to coincidence, but where you as a sales person learn to proceed with a structured and focused effort. A world that completely handles your physical and mental abilities, and which by your tenacious positive effort and programming – creates results beyond your earlier capabilities!

My only question to you is: Are you strong enough to handle phenomenal success, mentally and physically? Or do you chose to stay in your comfort zone and mediocracy.

Rikke Stockmann Rikke Stockmann, Pink Poodle, Denmark

”Di Johansson has really caught the big picture here! I have personally been through tons of sales training with more or less positive outcomes… Some tips I only remember in fragments or periods while the company has paid incredible sums for a course, that most likely doesn´t lead to better annual turnovers! 

None of the coaches I´ve been through earlier has worked with the mental and physical aspects behind great sales, the way Di Johansson does in this book – And he makes it sound soo easy!

I don´t doubt this method will move ALL involved departments to more than 200% of their current sales levels and results - Including sales managers! And then it is easily applied and implemented!”

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The game changing elements

    – that most companies and sales people completely oversee! In the following pages you´ll be discovering why most people and companies don´t even hit half…

  • Chapter 2: A little brain science - Listen to this!

    No matter what kind of situation you engage in, you are controlled by these two motivational factors. Some people are motivated by receiving an…

  • Chapter 3: How do We Aquire Creativity?

    et´s take a look at the parts of the brain that are utilized in a creative environment, like for instance a fight, which is highly creative. Which parts are lit up on fMRI-Scans?

  • Chapter 4: Ignite the fire within

    Before you walk in the door where your prospect sits, start your engines. The engines that produce exitement, belief, positivity, enthusiasm, ultrasharp focus and…

  • Chapter 5: Create a winning state

    Martial arts comes with another great element, which by itself changes everything. It changes your beliefs of what´s possible, your limits and past boundaries…

  • Chapter 6: Visualize the end outcome

    – as the most natural thing that can accour. Imposing a state of accept of the desired scenario as the most natural thing that could ever occur.

  • Chapter 7: Control your fire

    Have you ever lost a sale, because you got too nervous towards the closing? Did you suddenly do something completely illogical and counterproductive…

  • Chapter 8: Be physically and mentally fit

    If you´re not already physically fit, your body won´t be able to deal rationally with the raised adrenaline and heart rate – once you get closer to…

  • Chapter 9: Connect with the prospect mentally

    – and send him the outcome. What you´re thinking while you speak, will somehow be transffered into his conciousness in pictures, and let him feel and see what you…

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