New Book Reveals: The 7 Secrets YOU should know to sell 300% more in 2017 And Beyond!

This simple and easy-to-read guide will show you how to overcome even the worst "stagnation periods" and leverage you and your company to up to 300% increase in sales and productivity!

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • The Game Changing Elements !

    – that most companies and sales people completely oversee! Incorporating them directly in your day will raise your CURRENT sales between 2-300% !!

  • How to Create a WINNING STATE

    A winning state means leaving all your past beliefs of whats possible and solely think in possibilities and positive outcomes. This chapter is GROUND-BREAKING!

  • How to Make the Final Decision

    – for the prospect. And close the sale, send the contract, get it signed! This is where your reaction abilities come into great play, combined with your intuition!

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About This Ebook

"Samir creatively bridges the highly-disciplined, focused and determined martial arts mindset to effectively improve the practicality of the sales cycle. These principles are simple in theory, yet highly advanced, innovative and until now, never introduced in the workplace!

If your company is looking to have the competitive edge, then apply the 7 Secrets Samir outlines in his book and 7-day program! An energetic way to high-kick your productivity and sales to the next level of greatness! BAM!"

Angel Carlton
Angel Carlton CEO & Owner / Power Up People!

”Finally a great, evidence based sales tool, that doesn´t only focus on sales, but also embrases the physical and mental capacity of the sales person. An ”All-Inclusive” concept, which doesn´t only create better sales results, but also increases the participants physical ability as well as mental strength and balance.

Di Johansson opens a world, where nothing is left to coincidence, but where you as a sales person learn to proceed with a structured and focused effort. A world that completely handles your physical and mental abilities, and which by your tenacious positive effort and programming – creates results beyond your earlier capabilities!

My only question to you is: Are you strong enough to handle phenomenal success, mentally and physically? Or do you chose to stay in your comfort zone and mediocracy"

Christie Rosenberg,
Christie Rosenberg, Entrepreneur, Inventor and sales executive / Stilleties

"Di Johansson has really caught the big picture here! I have personally been through tons of sales training with more or less positive outcomes… Some tips I only remember in fragments or periods while the company has paid incredible sums for a course, that most likely doesn´t lead to better annual turnovers!

None of the coaches I´ve been through earlier has worked with the mental and physical aspects behind great sales, the way Di Johansson does in this book – And he makes it sound soo easy!

I don´t doubt this method will move ALL involved departments to more than 200% of their current sales levels and results - Including sales managers! And then it´s easily applied and implemented!"

Rikke Stockmann,
Rikke Stockmann, CEO & Owner / Pink Poodle
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