Meet The Staff

Solveig Andersson - is our super engaged brighthead and Swedish Department Manager. Her specialties lie within research, gluten - and lactosefree nutrition and meditation. Apart from that she manages all our Swedish ventures. From education, customer service and HR Management.

Sanela Ebbeskov Jankovic   - is a futuristic Engineer and the Co-inventor of Zenji mobile. Sanela has a Master of Science in Engineering - Operations & Innovation Management with speciali-zation in Global Manage-ment. In addition, Sanela has a background in Global Business Engineering.

Di Johansson - is CEO, founder and owner of Martial Arts Sales Academy. Apart from more than 30 years of experience in the martial arts, acting/stunt and fitness industries, he also has a comprehensive 33 year background in sales and coaching of numerous international celebrities.

Henrik Duer - also Author, Speaker, TV host and trainer on TV3´s "Ekstremely Fat". Above that he is co-founder of Fitness Institute, which educates Scandinavia´s most succesful personal trainers and nutritionists. Henrik has a cand.scient. degree in Sports Science and Chemistry.

Michael Gaunø - educated in sales, marketing & coaching expertise, Michael is also a dynamic leader with more than a decade´s experience in sales leadership and corporate leadership. He has an extensive backgound in developing individuals to achieving their absolute best.

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