– Along with the results my students are having!

Within a very short period I managed to create the whole foundation for my business and assemble all the many years of knowledge I had accumulated. This enabled me to create the a unique concept and the corresponding framework and in fact a whole system for success! It brought me to:

  • Finish the first book about it (now expanded version with New York Editor)
  • Create this website and
  • The awesome services that are existing now
  • Being launched nationally and internationally

All this because I made a simple choice – a definite decision. Then I created a plan, with the help of all the knowledge I had learned. And afterwards I executed that plan. All this happened over a row of just 2 years. And the results are what you´re looking at right now. So with the help of my -

  • 33 succesful years in Sales
  • Martial arts and
  • Elite Fitness as well as
  • Tons of courses
  • Read books
  • Attended top seminars
  • And international conventions

- I managed to re-create myself completely. And forge a concept that now brings the big change to people like you.

Here are some of my students comments on this new, profound breakthrough course!

– which can get you to the next level of success, and break your current non-working patterns, creating a complete business metamorphosis within sales, productivity, goals and dreams being reached – exactly the way it did for mine and numerous other companies!

"I have attended Samir’s sales seminar and it gave me a new shot of sales energy as well as new approaches to sales processes. Because of that, his seminar gives results. The seminar provides you with usable sales techniques and methods. I highly recommend anyone who works with sales processes to attend the Martial Arts Sales Academy."

Line Skov Randrup

Communications consultant & journalist - Denmark

"Samir creatively bridges the highly-disciplined, focused and determined martial arts mindset to effectively improve the practicality of the sales cycle. These principles are simple in theory, yet highly advanced, innovative and until now, never introduced in the workplace! If your company is looking to have the competitive edge, then apply the 7 Secrets Samir outlines in his book and 7-day program! An energetic way to high-kick your productivity and sales to the next level of greatness! BAM!"

Angel Carlton

Human Development Specialist & Chief Creative Officer at Power Up People! Inc. - Texas

I have been a participant in a very interesting sales course at the Martial Arts Sales Academy. I especially think the points regarding how to increase your body´s activity level in order to be able to take the last step to get fully over the ramp, was really great! I can warmly recommend the Martial Arts Sales Academy for leaders and sales managers who might be needing just ”The”  optimization tool to skyrocket sales beyond expectations!

Søren Ø. Skadhede

HR Consultant at +Add Value - Denmark


The reason I created this course was that I thought there was a lack of proper marketing and sales courses that really made a big difference in how people marched forward – and reached their goals after having attended them.

This course will give you just that. And a LOT more. Our students claim they start to move mountains after having participated.

No matter if you´re just starting out or have had a small or medium-sized business for years. THIS ONE contains everything you need to know to further propel your business goals and sales into a whole new realm!

This IS THE RECIPE for getting to the next level with your business!

What you will learn in this One of a Kind and ONCE in a lifetime 7-Day Quantum leap Course!


  • Presentations and honoring of the lucky participants – with the most useful welcome gift you´ll ever get! Guaranteed! (Your Unique Why)
  • Presentation of our scientifically proven formula for success and maximum-results-Framework – which works 100%
  • Superfoods, Boost-Pass og– Knifesharp sales training
  • Morning rituals – and why they´re so important
  • Superfoods for high energy, clarity, performance and productivity
  • Activation of your brain for increased productivity, faster learning for YOUR coming Quantum leap in life, business and health!
  • Find your inner ”Drive” via the most important questions you´ll ever ask yourself - Resonation - Honest expression and direction

”In this first module you will learn how to take charge of your life and business from the moment you wake up!”

Like thousands of previous attending leaders, business owners and freelancers just like you - You will get started in the best way possible for maximum energy and goal oriented success. You will be guided in finding your WHY and inner drive to gain more focus and access the powers within you, so it will be crystal clear which exact steps to take in regards of each and everyone of your all-important goals.

You´ll learn about the 3 stepping stones that will completely change your mindset and create that all-important 2-Degree Adjustment, you need to get yourself on the right path towards success FOR GOOD!

If you´ve had struggles in the past in terms of how to reach your business and sales goals, you´re in the same boat as other like-minded people. Only in YOUR special case - this is where those struggles end. We will guide you through the whole process!


  • What separates the succesful business owner from the non-succesful? Tranforming YOU to become the best version of yourself! Our success Framework
  • Training from our Flagship Concept! - Meditation 1 - Unleash Your Inner Warrior – Igniting the fire within!
  • Asking the right questions – to get the right answers
  • Time Blocking explained – This is how you reach ALL your goals and dreams!

”During this second module, we´ll teach you how to use some of the strongest tools, used by the most succesful TOP 2% business people today – to awaken YOUR inner giant once and for all!”

Just ONE of the elements in this module is bound to take your business up three notches! What is it that successful people do that non successful people don´t? In this module you will learn how to reset your mindset and gain success through our carefully developed framework.

You will be guided/trained in how to light your unique fire within and go after your goals and aspirations. In this module we use methods only used by the worlds top 2% leaders - which is normally only part of our corporate flagship program. Are you aware of how you spend your time – and are you using it in a way that is beneficial for you?

Time blocking is another crucial part in terms of how you reach your goals and achieve success in both your business and private life. We´ll teach you how to use it effectively, bringing you up to par with the worlds most succesful leaders!


  • Target groups and Persona´s -Finding your target and segment through our target analysis
  • Added Values – for YOUR produkt or service
  • USP´s Unique Selling Points
  • ESP´s Expert Story Positioning

”In this module we will teach you how to put yourself in front of your customers, so they´ll not only find you – but RUSH to buying your services and products!”

Positioning is what it´s all about in this magnificent module. Without the teachings included on this expert-knowledge-packed day, you simply won´t get where you want to be with your business. (You won´t find this knowledge in any other training course in Denmark)

With these simple to apply methods you´ll position yourself, so you won´t have to hunt your customers. They´ll be hunting YOU!

Do you know who your real clients are and what they want? Well, if you don´t, you are loosing thousands of dollars in sales and prospects every month. In this module we will go through this process step by step and help you find out who they are, through our targetted analysis. We have seen great salespeople loose important sales because they overlooked these simple basics.

How you deliver your text and the words you use in your copy will determine whether your prospects choose to click the buy button or just move on to the next website. I know how frustrating it can be when noone is buying what you offer. I have been there too. Here is one of the things you need to consider:

Do you have a great punchline? And what does it make your reader do? You will learn how to write your message in a way that subconsciously make your prospects click the buy button – on the first read!

All our previous leader students, people just like you, have learned the value of positioning themselves. And you will, like them, learn this in a way that builds trust with your customers as an expert in your chosen field! Our sales experts with more than 30 years experience will show you how! Building trust is a crucial part when it comes to sales so don´t overlook this very powerful method that will make your clients want to buy your services again and again. You are already a great salesman – you just don´t know it yet.

Get Me Closer To Success Now! ▹


  • Mental Boosters
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Body Language
  • State Mamagement

In this awesome and immensely inspiring module you will be equipped with the power of how you can use meditation and visualisation to reach your goals in a very powerful way that will guarantee the results you want to achieve.

We´ll guide you through the exact process for how you can move yourself light years ahead of your competition and directly manipulate with your subconscious!

Even more we´ll give you incredible and tangible, result producing tools, that´s going to lift your sales and impact the effect you have on other people! What you say and HOW and when you say it is another important part of sales and successful business.

World famous business owners are already using these methods with great success!

We have put together some of the most powerful techniques that we will only be teaching in this one course! You will learn how to simply program your mind to attract all the right opportunities when you need them!


  • Elevator Pitch
  • - What you have to implement to create maximum impact!
  • - How to create rapport and use caring, to lift your relations to the next level of trust and loyalty!
  • Present your business to your sidekick
  • Articulation – How to make use of the power of the word
  • Tonacity
  • Timing
  • Tempo
  • Energy and excitement
  • Video presentation – How to create impact and sales / Creating your own
  • The Sales Funnel - The road to your most inbringing sales!
  • Argument treatment
  • Cold calling
  • Walk-Ins that command respect and admiration!
  • - Sudden meetings and their great effects and advantages!
  • - IF it´s done the right way, you´ll become TOP OF MIND!

The words you use can either make your client choose you or lose you!

One of the most important things to learn as an entrepreneur is to express yourself, so people understand you and your message. And to do this in a way so your customers understand how exactly they can benefit from your unique services, will make them much more prone to buy from you!

You will be able to turn cold calls into hot leads by the use of effective and ”guiding” arguments. And learn how to write an appealing elevator pitch that will build interest within your prospect and help you get their attention.

We will guide you through the making of great sales funnels that convert and in responding productively to your clients arguments to create a win-win situation for everyone. And in this module we will teach you exactly how to create your own videopresentations so that you too can start reaching your sales goals with more than a 200% increase every single month!

That´s why this module alone is packed with knowledge worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! This knowledge, if implemented correctly, will make the big difference for you and your business, creating a breakthrough to higher status and success!


  • Associations & ”Mental Triggering” (Branding)
  • Special converting gimmicks that will command attention to YOUR business in a whole new and unexpected way!
  • How you can generate 100 times more sales – in an instant via strategic partnerships!
  • Social media marketing and selling
  • Youtube videos with an edge

In this module we´ll teach you how you can brand and market your business to really kick it into gear! Both offline and most importantly ONLINE!

Without this module you´ll be sacrificing tons of frustrating hours of your precious time, leaving your business next to other losing players!

Is that what you wish for your business? I know what my answer would be. Knowing about the elements presented here, will give you the edge over your competition!

We will simply teach you how to engage some of the most powerful tools when it comes to marketing and sales, and then show you how to produce your own mindblowing online content! Are you ready for staggering sales numbers? We have seen it happen many times and we want to help you gain the same results to blow your sales through the roof!

This knowledge comes directly from the worlds greatest masters of online content and branding! You can´t miss this one – it would be a crime to your business - guraranteed!

Learn how to generate 100 times more sales by mastering social media and how to build and use strategic partnerships and affiliate deals. Successful business owners who wants to make the most of their market are using these exact methods! They choose to market themselves through youtube and other media platforms because of its phenomenal impact and efficiency! It´s effective and it works! If you want to get the attention of your prospects you need to be creative and learn how to think out of the box. This module will show you just that!

If you just showed up to this module alone you would create breakthroughs you never anticipated! But you get ALL THE OTHER 6 MODULES AS WELL!

I´m On Fire Now! Ready To Act! ▹


  • Logo
  • Framework
  • Webdesign and choice of colors - How to create a converting website for your business
  • Recap and conclusion
  • Evaluation & Feedback

In this last module of the course you´ll be using and utilizing everything you´ve learned – and put it into ACTION!

We are here to help! You´ll be set off to produce the most important content you´ll ever create. Your business image will be set in stone. And you´ll be off to a whole new lifestyle of fulfilment, targetted growth, clarity and abundance in customers and increased life quality!

Not only will the information you put on your website but also where you place it, determine whether people will buy from you or quickly move on to the next competing website!

It´s been proven that business owners who use the very techniques we teach in this specific module are leading their companies to outrageous sales numbers!

Webdesign can be a tough struggle and it´s a challenge to build a great website that converts! But there are definitely teqhniques for this, that you don´t want to miss out on, that will make the whole deal much easier! If you miss it - you will continue to loose thousands of dollars and clients EVERY SINGLE DAY!

You get instant public recognition with your logo! We will go through the vital parts you need to know in this area. Do you have a thouroughly developed framework? If you don´t – you´re missing out on one of the most important cornerstones in branding! If you already have one, you might be uncertain whether it could be even better so make sure you gather everything you have and learn all of the above – once and for all, in order to turn words, graphics and pictures into PURE GOLD!

YES! Please Get Me In! ▹


In this ground breaking course we´ll take you by hand and show you tons of tangible things you can do to reach your goals and dreams 10 x faster than you ever thought! This course will take your business and lifestyle to whole new heights!

Your clarity of what to do NEXT will already start to manifest within the first TWO days into the course! You´ll start seeing solutions you never saw before. And logically enough.

It´s knowledge only known by a few. It´s a quantum leap for your business, that you wouldn´t want to miss – if you only knew how much time, money and trial and error – it will save you!

Every day we introduce you to a new subject, that will enable you to utilize yourself like never before. The secret to success lies in YOU. And we will create the awareness of how to awaken it to let you start pouring from within! Creativity, productivity and success will become second nature after having finished this course!

You will get soooo much inspiration and knowledge, that will move you and your business to whole new heights and speed of accomplishments!

Our clients claim to have gotten soo much clarity that they know EXACTLY what to do up to a whole YEAR after! If that´s not a great one-time investment – I wouldn´t be here today.

There´s simply NO COURSE like it – IN THE WORLD! We´ll move you from within and ROOT success habits inside you – so you´ll never look at yourself or your business the same way again. In fact, you´ll ask yourself   ”How could I ever live like I did before?”

This IS IT! It´s what you´ve been looking for. It´s right in front of you. Everything is up to YOU now!

Will you make this one time decision to move your life forward once and for all?! Or do you prefer to stay where you are, feeling stuck forever and never have the chance to attend this course again, wondering when your next breakthrough is going to arrive? Your chance and time has come! It´s here and now. Life is about reaching out and take action when opportunity strikes!


Click below! And join a new movement of non-diseased employees who perform at a much higher level! Then we´ll help you address the exact challenges you face right now, in order to find the best solution, which you´ll be able to implement right away!

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